Building Humans

Building Humans is an creative and innovative organisation.

Our Mission is to help you make your business run better and achieve optimum results for the energy that you put into your work.

We want you to be able to feel the deep satisfaction that comes from realising that you have created and are running something that is truly yours and represents who you are.

What we do

Building Humans specialise in working with ‘your people’ to help them work together in the most effective way. We help them to teach each other how to get the best from themselves.

Building Humans services range from working one to one with Owners and Directors to assist them in finding clarity and direction for their companies. We also help by teaching people how to become aware of their tendencies and defaults.

Building Humans love working with the group dynamics and helping team members to understand their roles and positions within their teams. We know from experience how small changes in perception can bring about enormous changes to team efficiency.

Building Humans have a keen interest in Systems & Procedures, and can offer analysis and advice on ways to make these interfaces more useable and attractive to individuals.

Our Approach

Many companies say that their approach is different whilst at the same time churning out the same old coaching buzz words and reading from the latest faddy manual on executive coaching.

Building Humans don’t do any of these things and – we promise not to use any “off the shelve” coaching manual buzz words and phrases.  Building Humans promise to treat every situation as truly unique, and ensure that Building Humans create a bespoke plan for your business based upon our observations and in close collaboration with you and your staff – How could it make any sense to do it any other way?