Building People

Building Humans chose our name for a good reason; not just that it was a clever pun due to our construction background, but also because we know that the key to the success of any organisation lies within its people.

Building Humans also know that what you put into people in terms of their own development (building), you are sure to have returned by them many times over in terms of their commitment, loyalty , creativity and productivity.

This sits at the absolute core of our philosophy and runs through everything that we do.

Building Humans like to think of ourselves as Business Therapists. Ross is a fully qualified and very experienced Psychotherapist and he brings these skills into the coaching approach that he takes whether he is working one to one or with groups. His experience in this field and his deep understanding of  how people function makes his coaching sessions very focused and remarkably potent. This will be an experience you won’t want to miss.

Drawing on many years within the challenging world of high paced construction and working at senior levels within construction companies, Ross has gained a deep insight into the problems that companies can face when managing teams of people and systems whilst trying to find time and space to strategise as well as keeping an eye on business development and just the general fast pace of day to day business decision making

Building Humans can help you to do this and assist you in developing systems which will lead to you realising the success that you are pursuing with your business endeavours.