What We Offer

Organisational Level

Building Humans offer bespoke and unique analysis of your company/organisation or indeed personal/individual dynamics, and create clear, proven methods and strategies for working with any difficulties within these contexts.

Building Humans offers assistance with creating systems and making changes particularly at the point where these meet the human interface.

Building Humans offer a free 30 minute, no obligation introduction either via a call, online platform or in person where we can discuss our mutual compatibility and potential for working together.

Personal Level

Building Humans will offer an initial consultation to allow us to get to know each other better and to find out what you would like to achieve; beyond this we will create a bespoke, clear plan for you, based upon what has been discussed.

Building Humans will use our knowledge, experience and insight to develop this plan with you, but as we work along Person Centred principles, essentially, this will always be ‘your plan’, and you will remain at the heart of any action to be taken forward, and in full control at all times.

In our experience the power of ‘positive change’ comes from within, and although the initial impetus may at times come unexpectedly and from an external source, the real work is done within and is deeply personal, unique to the individual and extremely powerful.

Building Humans keep this philosophy at the heart of all that we do and see each individual at the centre of the process.

Quote: ‘Am I living in a way which is deeply satisfying to me and which truly expresses me?’  (Carl Rogers)

Team Building

Building Humans can organise events in which ‘your team’ have the opportunity to explore what it is like to really work together; to experience each team member as an individual, along with being part of the team.  They will be able to explore the dynamics that have formed between them and identify what works well, along with the resulting hesitancy and preconceptions that may have emerged; this results in less efficient dealings with each other, and therefore, less than optimal conditions for successful team working.

This may be challenging but very effective.  This is not paintball or an assault course or a few drinks down the pub – all of which of course are really nice, but often not lasting in terms of change.


Building Humans offer facilitated one to one or group mediation sessions, drawing upon our years of experience working in groups and with people who are experiencing feelings of being entrenched in difficult relationships with each other.

We draw on experience from both our therapeutic background, but also as Negotiators during business contract discussions that have become difficult and tense between the parties.


Whether you are looking for this for yourself as a Senior Executive in your business or for one or many of your employees, Building Humans can work with you to assist in clarifying your intentions and goals and to support and encourage you to reach these.

Our philosophy of seeing each person and each situation as unique means that you will receive attention specific to your needs and not be presented with the latest coaching mumbo jumbo or gimmicky fads which sadly may have become typical of some other approaches in this field.

Systems Building

Having spent many years at the front end of business, Building Humans have developed a keen eye for systems and can usually spot very quickly where these are either absent and required or in place and not required; both these scenarios can often bring about similar results in that people will not or cannot engage with them effectively

Building Humans are also specialists in assisting companies to develop systems that help people to interface with them efficiently, willingly and successfully.