My name is Ross Cairns. I have had a wide and varied career mainly in the construction Industry since leaving school; but over the last 15 years or so I have also been working as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist , Clinical Supervisor, Counselling Tutor on a University training programme, Yoga teacher, Executive Coach and Relationship Mediator.

The combination of experiences gained from being in these roles has given me a unique insight into the human condition and specifically related to how people function in the workplace.

This has allowed me to develop a particularly effective and focused approach to working with individuals and organisations that are interested in their own development and exploring the furthest reaches of their potential.

Please be aware, that this is not some mediocre run of the mill guest speaker kind of exercise, where someone comes along with a few power point slides and encourages some “blue sky thinking” which although fun at the time, will almost certainly be forgotten by the following day.

On the contrary, my approach will challenge you on a much deeper level and charge you with engaging in ways that you never knew were possible before.

Within the Construction world I have inhabited most roles; literally starting out by sweeping the floors, just as in the old cliched saying, and working my way up to senior management and board room positions.

Throughout all of this time I have gained a reputation for building excellent teams of people and inspiring, encouraging and enabling them not only to succeed as individuals, but also to recognise the awesome potential of effective team dynamics in creating collective excellence.

Unfortunately, I have also had the misfortune to work within some organisations where the culture and internal dynamics prevented talented individuals from reaching their potential and making the best possible contributions to the collective success of the company.

I have witnessed how stifling and demotivating this can become for people, and how in the long term, this affects the efficiency of the company and its ability to stay relevant in the market place.

For years I have seen the same mistakes being made by often well meaning senior people in organisations who have been promoted into their positions because they were good at doing a particular task or have been with the company a long time and are being rewarded for their loyalty.

At Building Humans we understand these dynamics ( having experienced it first hand) and make no judgement. We do however, firmly believe, and have the evidence to prove, that small changes in the way that teams are set up, managed and supported can achieve hugely significant changes that are not only noticeable, but provide measurable improvements within short periods of time.

We specialise in supporting management teams to develop ways of functioning that promote a culture in which talented and inspired individuals can thrive and deliver their best. We have witnessed remarkable changes in employee behaviours and attitudes to work once we have interacted with them and their line management chains.

We bring a wealth of experience drawn from a wide range of sources and philosophies, which have been carefully selected and blended into our unique and very effective approach.

Are you wondering why you never seem to get enough time to do the things you really want to do in your business?

Perhaps you feel there is some disconnection between your passion and desire for success, and what your business is achieving?

Do you feel as though your passion and drive for the business isn’t being matched by those around you?

Have you perhaps lost sight of what you set out to achieve?

Perhaps you have already achieved your initial goals and wonder what to do next?

Do you want to know how to manage difficult dynamics in the workplace, deal with anxiousness and hesitation either in yourself or your employees?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes and you seriously want to work towards understanding this better with a view to being able to make the properly informed changes required to get to where you want to.. then you are probably ready to contact us and begin the process.